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Why is blogging so important for your business?

      Let’s start by answering the question, “What is a BLOG?” It’s really just a series of articles, known as blog posts that can be informational, entertaining, or can have a specific purpose. It’s your platform to with the digital world as you wish. If done correctly, blogging can have tremendous results for your web traffic and industry relationships.

      Of course, This kind of flexibility can leave some business owners wondering where and how to start.

           By sharing helpful advice through blog posts you will position yourself as an expert and trustworthy go-to person in your field.  It is important to also blog about topics that don't directly apply to your brand which will draw a broader audience to your site.  If people find your blog post helpful, you could have a lot of people stopping by, which will lead to business.

SEO  – A blog consistently provides updated content to your website and the ability to incorporate keywords. Search engines look for frequent updates, so a blog can help improve your SEO and search engine page rank. The more blog posts, the more keywords out there drawing people to your site.

Engagement  – A blog encourages visitor engagement. Interaction builds relationships; relationships are memorable, improve likability, and build trust in you and your brand. So, yes blogging is beneficial to business owners in many ways, especially if you understand what your audience is looking for and how to build interest in what you do.

Now that you have an audience reading and all the amazing free information you present, you can offer a call to action that will lead to a greater following and more sales.

Another awesome way to increase your reader base and improve SEO is to cross blog with other writers who have similar focus. This will create what is called a back link between two sites which is very powerful in the web world.

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